Batman Bike: Get Exercise and Fight Crime

Batman Bike

The Batman Bike can be just a really cool bike for kids with Batman Logos on it, or it could be replica of the Batcycle, the motorcycle that the star rides in his own comic strip.

Your child can enjoy riding a cool looking bicycle and develop the habit of exercising.  Your kid will have so much fun, he or she will never realize that the Batbike is as good as eating vegetables.

Batman 16-Inch Kids' Bicycle

Need to Teach Your Kid HOW to Ride a Bike?

Learn HOW to ride a bike.

picture of dad teaching son to ride a bike

Actually, if you're reading this, you probably know how to ride a bike, already. However, you might not be so sure how to TEACH your child how to ride.  (Don't worry!  We know that some adults don't know how to ride, either.)

It can be a frustrating experience.

Help your child learn how to ride a bike
  • in around ONLY 2 HOURS
  • WITHOUT getting HURT
  • and much more
 You can visit this "Learn to Ride a Bike" page.  Even if you don't buy the video (It's cheap--only about $15.), the FREE page, itself, has a lot of great information.  It will make you think of things BEFORE you try teaching your child to ride that bike.